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Over the years, health care professionals and former clients who have gone through Life Process Transformation themselves have been inspired to study the approach in-depth. As a result, we now have a growing community of dedicated therapists, practitioners, and educators who have incorporated principles of Life Process Transformation into the core of their practice. Each brings a unique life experience and focus to Life Process Transformation (LPT).

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Janet Lovegrove

RN, BScN, MSc, CPMHN(c) (ON)
Janet Lovegrove Health and Wellness Consulting

I have been a practicing registered nurse for over 31 years and was certified as a mental health practitioner with the Canadian Nurses Association in 2009 (CPMHN). I first learned about Life Process Transformation after the sudden death of my father in 1992. His death catapulted me into such a frenzy of caring for others that I completely neglected myself with dire consequences.

I entered Life Process Transformation Therapy with Viola and then went on to train with her before beginning my own practice. I specialize in helping people cope with caregiver stress and bereavement. I also provide support to persons who are experiencing physical or mental health problems and to their loved ones.

Much of my work involves writing community grants with agencies with the focus of providing programs on effective coping to the community members that they serve. These projects are in line with the Associated Medical Services (AMS) Phoenix ‘Call to Caring’ Fellowship, of which I am the inaugural Fellow at McMaster University’s School of Nursing.

Janet Lovegrove

Amy Smith

B.Sc., M.A. (C. Psych)
Psychotherapist (OACCPP)

As a young woman, I struggled with anorexia, depression, and a general sense of meaninglessness. Despite seeking help from many professionals and self-help books, my problems only worsened. It wasn’t until I met Viola and went through my own life process transformation that I began to heal my depression and eating disorder.

I returned to school and finished a B.Sc. in Psychology and then a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. I have worked in mental health settings, including residential treatment centres, outpatient programs, hospitals, and a university campus.

Knowing that I wanted to work with people using Viola’s ideas, I completed her Life Process Transformation training program for professionals. I now use Life Process Transformation Therapy in my private practice, helping people who have eating problems, depression, and anxiety disorders.

Janet Lovegrove

Aryne Sheppard

Living Simply Education & Consulting

As an adult educator and facilitator, I have worked in the areas of social change, personal growth & wellness, and leadership development for over 12 years. I hold a Master’s in Philosophy and earned my professional designation at the University of Toronto with a Master’s in Adult Education & Counselling Psychology.

I first met Viola in 1998 following a dark period in my early twenties. At the time, I was grappling with a growing existential crisis that had left me feeling disillusioned and empty. Through a process of inner exploration and deep questioning, my awareness shifted profoundly. My view of the world and my role in it was transformed.

Since then, I have continued working closely with Viola and now use the Life Process Transformation philosophy as the grounding for my work as an educator and activist. I believe that valuing the inner life, as individuals and as a society, is one of the most important things we can do to create deep and lasting change.

Elisha Van Harte

Elisha Van Harte and By Clinical Design

I have been working in the field of child and adolescent mental health for over 15 years. Most of my work has been with youth who are at the extreme end of the continuum, suffering from psychosis, self harm, suicidal ideation, depression and anxiety, both in inpatient, residential and community capacities. I have always been drawn to this population, in part because my own adolescence was fraught with chaos.

I first met Viola Fodor almost 20 years ago when I myself was a struggling teenager, lost among the many voices telling me who I was supposed to be and how I was supposed to be living my life. It was through my work with Viola that I found my self again, and the healing process began.

Nearly 15 years later, now a mental health practitioner myself, I knew intuitively that there were individuals who could benefit not only from the mainstream forms of therapy, but who could benefit from the approach that Viola developed, Life Process Transformation. I completed her training program for professionals, and bring that approach specifically into my own private practice, as well as into the training and consultation services I offer to other mental health organizations.

Janet Lovegrove

Pamela Tames

To the workaholics, perfectionists, and overachievers out there who started their careers enthusiastically and energetically only to wind up disillusioned and defeated by the, let’s face it, stressful reality of working life...To those who tried the workshops, the nutritionist and the trainer, the apps, the meditation courses, the doing-everything-you’re-supposed-to-do only to discover that trying to get better becomes its own form of stress and a temporary fix, at best...And to those who feel they never got started at life—never found their passion, purpose, or calling—and have been trying to fill that hole in their heart with food ever since...

Life Process Transformation can help. I know this because I suffered from all of the above. I was a corporate burnout who couldn’t find her true calling. I coped with stress by eating or not eating (I suffered from anorexia and then bulimia for 12 years). Through Life Process Transformation (LPT), I found a connection to my inner self and through that, completely healed my eating disorder and transformed my life.

After going through LPT several times, starting in 1988, I became a certified LPT Guide in 2015. I'm based in Phoenix, Arizona, and work with clients struggling with stress-related burnout, loss of identity, and eating problems. The word Guide speaks to the fact that I'm not a therapist and I don't have your answers. But I know where you can find them and I know how to get you there.

And I can tell you, it's a beautiful journey. To learn more about me and my services, please email Pamela at:

Janet Lovegrove

Sonia Kondrat

Stay Quiet and Listen Within

I first met Viola when I was a trainer at a Suicide Prevention line in Toronto, ON in the early '80’s. We were fortunate to have Viola as the keynote speaker and I was so intrigued with her simple, yet profound approach to self-care and self-discovery, that she soon became a touchstone for me.

Through the years I served as a consultant and advocate for adoptive families to increase their knowledge of post-institutionalization and how it affected their children in the school system. Motivated to help these parents, I realized that parenting burnout was not the only issue that they were dealing with. Oftentimes our conversations veered to workplace stress, profound feelings of life dissatisfaction, isolation and loneliness, feelings of being stuck, the inability to control triggers and bad habits, and the quest to make sense or find meaning in their lives.

When I experienced my first significant loss, I turned to Viola and worked through her Life Process Transformation program. This process developed my emotional toolbox of resources, strengthened my resolve, and opened up options that I was not aware of before I entered the program. I saw how LPT could help other individuals and motivated me to become certified as an LPT Guide. It is a privilege to assist others gain the knowledge and skills they need to heal themselves through a natural and gentle process. Life Process Transformation will help turn up the volume to hearing wisdom, knowing kindness, and bringing their own inner voice back into their lives.

If you are interested in learning how to reduce your stress, to see your life from a clearer perspective, find your passion, gain insight and understanding, and find out who you're really meant to be, I work in Toronto and look forward to hearing from you. Email me at

Janet Lovegrove

Chantal Mudahogora

Chantal Mudahogora survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi of Rwanda. She came to Canada in 1998 as a refugee and she is a mother of three young adults.

Chantal holds a Master’s degree in psychotherapy and she is currently employed as a counsellor at Alzheimer Society of Hamilton and Halton.

I worked in different areas of social change as a settlement worker, worked with kids with ASD (Autism Syndrome disorder), worked with homeless women and women victims of domestic violence, etc.

I was introduced to Viola’s approach by my employer with the idea of being trained so that I can use LPT in my counselling sessions and support groups. Through the training I was able to realize that actually the training was helping me both on personal and professional levels.

As a genocide survivor I struggled with signs of trauma for many years; I did some inner work to cope with PTSD and I thought I was doing pretty much OK. Through Viola’s process I was able to discovered that some of my coping strategies were just artificial; I was suppressing my emotions and I had locked them in a box where I was so afraid to visit. Therefore I lived with an intense and ambiguous fear of how I could possibly deal with the intensity of those emotions when I could no longer be able to contain them. I lived with this inner voice which always reminded me how vulnerable I am and how I can possibly maintain some level of "normalcy" with the magnitude of what I went through in 1994.

Now, I use Life Process Transformation in my everyday job, working with my clients in their caregiving role and helping them to deal with any other stressors of life.

Janet Lovegrove

Jocelyn Proctor

Nutritional Therapist (mBANT)
Masters in Psychotherapy Student (MCouns) - University of Edinburgh Scotland
Proctor Therapies

From a very young age I struggled with my weight and size and the consequences that came with it, such as the teasing by others, low self-esteem, body image issues and hating my build and myself. I developed severe bulimia with anorexic tendencies and a stunted life disabled by dis-ease.

I met Viola the day I was released from what was meant to be the best eating disorder recovery program in Canada, a program which only worsened my symptoms and left me distraught and disillusioned with not only my life but the medical system as well. Upon discovering Viola’s program, I had a sense that it was the right way forward for me. It was just what I needed.

I later re-trained as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, and now study at the University of Edinburgh in their Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy program. In due time, I will be fully trained and qualified to deliver Viola’s LPT program as a psychotherapist. For now, I offer her program as an LPT guide and am committed to helping others, as she helped me.