Where Have I Been All My Life?

Available as paperback and Kindle.

A surprising collaboration unfolds in Where Have I Been All My Life?, taking you on a journey of the spirit and soul. An accompanying workbook guides your own self discovery.

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Life Process Transformation™ Workbook

The complete workbook is now available in English and French.

The LPT™ Workbook serves as a guide to the process of self-discovery and personal transformation. It is used by all participants in the LPT™ program. Also available to past participants.

204 pages

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Desperately Seeking Self

Available as paperback and Kindle.

This little book is a powerful reminder that your true nature is the most precious resource that you have to help yourself. Presented in the unique form of a dialogue between a therapist and a client, it encourages self-reflection and the daily practice of inner silence as powerful ways to nurture this true self and your full healing capacity. Tenets of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are subtly woven into easily understood messages of hope and change.

Desperately Seeking Self

Second Edition was published by
Turner Publishing in the US.

Editorial Reviews

Desperately Seeking Self is a gift to all who wish to begin the journey out of despair into wellness. Tenets of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality are subtly woven into an insightful, sensitive message.

Edith A. Birch, Nutritionist, Counsellor, Newmarket, ON

An incredible insight into the human struggle while at the same time offering strategies for a new way of life.

Mike Lavelle, Director of Residence & Lecturer of Religious Studies, University of Toronto at Mississauga, Mississauga, Ontario