About Viola Fodor and Life Process Transformation

Viola Fodor ~ February 5, 1949 – March 9, 2020

Healer, heal thyself

Viola Fodor’s interest in humanistic and transpersonal psychology and human potential began in the late 1960’s when she was a young adult struggling with anxiety, spiritual emptiness, depression, and an eating disorder.

While she was desperate and determined to get well, Viola didn’t seek help because she felt too ashamed. In those years, eating disorders, such as anorexia and binge/purge syndrome, were ‘closet problems.’ She was convinced she was alone in her suffering.

With nowhere to turn for help, Viola looked for ways to help herself. She studied nutrition, receiving her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 1974. Next, she turned to studying psychology, enrolling in a graduate program in Education. Drawn to the ideas underlying humanistic and transpersonal psychology, she received her Master of Education in 1979 from the University of Alberta.

None of it helped.

Throughout this time, Viola was also searching for deeper meaning. Drawn to explore the existence of a deeper spiritual level and her connection to it, she tried meditation and prayer; and studied consciousness, philosophy, and metaphysics. But despite all her spiritual self-help efforts, her problems worsened.

Again and again she hit dead-ends. That’s why she finally gave up.

The turning

It was 1980, and what happened next surprised her. Rather than shutting down inside, which is what she expected, Viola’s awareness opened. On one level, it made no sense. On another, she recognized that a subtle, simple shift was occurring and it was changing everything.

Viola discovered her ability to tune into her deepest wisdom and draw on inner resources in ways she had never imagined possible. In turning inward, she realized she had, in effect, stumbled onto her own healing power and that her life was her greatest teacher.

Viola emerged from her despair with profound insight into the healing process and a powerful message to share with others. From then on, she helped others realize their higher potential by guiding them through the healing process that worked for her.

The ‘how’ of transformational change

Whereas some approaches focus on the ‘what,’ Viola’s aim was to map out and share the ‘how’ of transformational change. Gathering up all the insights she had unearthed in her own transformation, she developed Life Process TransformationTM (LPTTM), a unique program that delivers this ‘how’ — simply, authentically, and compassionately.

Using LPTTM as her approach, Viola has served as a teacher and guide for over 30 years, helping people engage consciously in their own evolutionary journey. The Life Process TransformationTM Workbook is a companion guide to the program.

Viola Fodor

Viola Fodor died on March 9, 2020, after an illness of many years that had no definitive diagnosis. She died the way she lived—with full awareness, being loved by so many and loving all. Her life and death exemplified perhaps the most important lesson of all: that there is a life force in each and every one of us; that it is good and supports our growth if we allow it; and that it carries us forward, towards the fulfillment of our unique self and right through to our death, which is never an ending, merely another transformation.

Viola’s Team will continue their work based on Viola’s philosophy, as she wished.