Meet our team
Over the years, health care professionals and former clients who have gone through Life Process Transformation themselves have been inspired to study the approach in-depth. As a result, we now have a growing community of dedicated therapists, practitioners, and educators who have incorporated principles of Life Process Transformation into the core of their practice. Each brings a unique life experience and focus to Life Process Transformation (LPT).


To learn more about working with an LPT Therapist, or becoming one yourself, please contact me directly.




Janet Lovegrove, RN, BScN, MSc, CPMHN(c) (ON)—Janet Lovegrove Health and Wellness Consulting


I have been a practicing registered nurse for over 31 years and was certified as a mental health practitioner with the Canadian Nurses Association in 2009 (CPMHN). I first learned about Life Process Transformation after the sudden death of my father in 1992. His death catapulted me into such a frenzy of caring for others that I completely neglected myself with dire consequences.


I entered Life Process Transformation Therapy with Viola and then went on to train with her, becoming a Transformationist myself. I specialize in helping people cope with caregiver stress, end-of-life care and bereavement, depression, and anxiety, and find inner calm.


Amy Smith [NEED PIC]


As a young woman, I struggled with anorexia, depression, and a general sense of meaninglessness. Despite seeking help from many professionals and self-help books, my problems only worsened. It wasn’t until I met Viola and went through my own life process transformation that I began to heal my depression and eating disorder.


I returned to school and finished a B.Sc. in Psychology and then a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. I have worked in mental health settings, including residential treatment centres, outpatient programs, hospitals, and a university campus.


Knowing that I wanted to work with people using Viola’s ideas, I completed her Life Process Transformation training program for professionals. I now use Life Process Transformation Therapy in my private practice, helping people who have eating problems, depression, and anxiety disorders.