A number of events are available—or can be arranged—to suit your needs. Suitable for lay and professional audiences alike, they are based on universal themes that resonate with everyone.

Information Sessions

Find out more about the LPT program by hearing from others who have gone through the process and know it well. No charge.

Full-day Introductory Workshop

This workshop lays out the wider context in which transformational change happens. Focus will be on honest self examination, quieting the mind, and nurturing the inner self. Ask about fees.

Half-day and Full-day Workshops on Quiet Time

Explore the importance of inner silence and true reflection to overall health and wellbeing and to personal and spiritual growth. There will be ample time to practice. Ask about fees.

In-depth Life Process Transformation Program

Participate in the in-depth LPT program of self discovery and personal growth. This 24-week (individual) or 16-week (group) guided process will help you bring the ‘how’ of transformational change into your own life.