Personal Growth

Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Do you feel there’s something missing?

Does life feel overwhelming and stressful much of the time?

Do you have to work hard to stay positive or ‘spiritual’?

Are you stuck in limiting patterns that leave you feeling discouraged or lost?



Drowning in Self-help

So many people come to Life Process Transformation™ with their minds filled with what-to-do and their hearts filled with pain. They’ve read every self-help book out there and yet, they’re still asking, ‘How do I help myself?’

Often, we know what we need to do to make our lives better, but for some reason, we can’t act on that understanding. It’s as though we have the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’, and it’s left us feeling frustrated and stuck.


Welcome to the ‘How’

Life Process Transformation teaches you how to act on your own behalf, so that you can change your life for the better. It is a simple approach, accessible to all and focused on helping you develop your higher potential as you take deep responsibility for your life.


Benefits Abound

A commitment to Life Process Transformation brings enduring benefits, enriching your health, relationships, and career, as well as enhancing your personal and spiritual growth. You discover:

    • Deep inside, you possess an unshakable core of goodness and value that is always available to you.
    • Your greatest lessons are right before you—in your everyday life.
    • Each and every one of your life experiences and challenges can be used as an opportunity for learning and growth.
    • Daily commitment to the simple practice of Quiet Time can free your innate ability to help and heal yourself, while revealing your true life’s purpose.
    • Peace of mind, joy, inspired creativity, inner strength, and personal fulfillment are your birthrights.
    • You can relax deeply, releasing built-up tension at will.
    • You can work through your feelings, healing yourself emotionally.
    • You can experience a profound and vital sense of connection to the web of life.
    • When it comes to your life, no one is wiser than you. You are your greatest teacher.


Program Options

Life Process Transformation includes 16 modules and a workbook or study guide. You will be guided through the teachings at your pace and there are exercises for inner exploration and developing awareness. A range of options are offered to meet your interests and needs:

    • Small groups meet once a week for about four months in an atmosphere of positive sharing, support, and confidentiality. There is individualized follow-up.
    • One-on-one sessions in person are scheduled weekly for four to six months, with each session lasting 1 to 1½ hours.
    • One-on-one sessions by telephone, Zoom, or Skype can also be arranged, regardless of where you live. However, it’s helpful to meet in person before we transition to telephone.
    • On-going study groups and peer support groups are offered to provide further opportunities to participate in personal growth and explore social responsibility.