Healer, heal thyself

I became involved in the area of healing and personal transformation in the late 1960's because of my own experience with an eating disorder and depression. In those years, eating disorders were 'closet problems.' So, while I was desperate and determined to get well, I was too ashamed to seek help.

With no one to whom I could turn for help, I sought out knowledge, hoping to ‘figure myself out’ or to ‘fix’ my problem. I studied nutrition, receiving my Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta in 1974.

After graduating, I knew a lot about Food Sciences, but my eating problem persisted.

Next, I turned to studying psychology, enrolling in a graduate program in Education. Drawn to the ideas underlying Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology, I received my Master of Education in 1979. Armed with even more knowledge now, my problems only worsened.

Then, in 1981, the unexpected happened.

Feeling burnt out and hopeless after years of trying to help myself, I gave up. But rather than shutting down inside, which is what I expected would happen, my awareness opened.

I didn't understand what was happening at the time. All I knew was that this simple shift was changing everything. It gave me the ability to tap into my deepest wisdom, allowing my healing to unfold. I emerged from my despair with profound insight into the healing process and a powerful message to share with others.

No substitute for experience

While I had immersed myself in academia for many years, my intention was never to help other people. I thought I was too crazy to ever help anyone.

When I turned inward and, in effect, stumbled onto my own healing power, I realized my life experiences and learning had brought me to where I needed to be in order to begin my life's work.

Based on my own transformation, I developed a program to help others. Whereas some approaches focus on the 'what,' my aim was to map out and share the 'how' of transformational change.

Today, decades later, I am still teaching and guiding that same approach: I call it, Life Process Transformation™. My focus has evolved from one-on-one psychotherapy, to one-on-one personal growth work and leading workshops focused on personal growth and spirituality. And while I no longer offer psychotherapy myself, I continue to train therapists in providing Life Process Transformation Therapy.

As a Life Process Transformation™ teacher and guide, the strength that I bring to my work is my own life experience. I know what it’s like to feel lost, crazy, and desperate inside. I know every step (and detour) on the journey of transformation and healing. And I know how to share it with others, connecting from a place of deep knowing that resides within me.

Many people are actively searching for more meaningful connections in their daily lives and they see Life Process Transformation as a way to get there. Interestingly, more and more clients come to me seeking not just to transform their own lives, but also to transform the organizations in which they work—whether these be health care, academic, not-for-profit, or corporate organizations.

Life Process Transformation™ Therapy

Life Process Transformation Therapy (LPT Therapy) is a form of psychotherapy that is built upon the principles of Life Process Transformation. It offers clients a safe and gentle path to connect to their inner self regardless of their presenting concerns. LPT Therapy has helped people overcome eating disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, burnout, grief and loss, addiction, and other issues. It has also helped families who feel challenged to cope with the mental health issues of loved ones. To find an LPT Therapist who can help you with your specific concerns, please visit LPT Facilitators and Guides.

My Vision

When we can talk openly and honestly about our selves, our dreams, and the challenges that we face, we lose our fear and feel inspired to step into the world. Some of us see it as a calling and we have a sense of urgency to act now, becoming all that we can be.

I envision a collaborative community of like-minded people who understand that old ways are not working and wish to explore new healing approaches. I envision Life Process Transformation™ as a first step in finding a common ground to taking the actions needed to heal ourselves and our world.

Through Life Process Transformation, we recognize the healing potential in others because we have witnessed our own transformation. We have the inner strength to take our place in the world and live by our deepest convictions. We develop and use transformative thinking, which is humane, innovative, and "whole brain."

Transformative thinking cuts through the clutter, helping us focus on real need. It has the power to bring healing change to whatever situation we may find ourselves in—our institutions, organizations, groups, and families. It also gives us a greater capacity to relate, connect, and collaborate, so that together, we can move beyond patterns that don’t work and let healing happen now.