Professional Development

Scientific validation

Life Process Transformation™ was developed over 30 years ago. It incorporates ideas that until recently were considered 'New Age' or 'fringe'.

Today, we've come full circle: research into the science of meditation, neuroplasticity, consciousness, and awareness is validating so many of these ‘fringe’ ideas, including those ideas underlying Life Process Transformation. Not surprisingly, wider interest has exploded—especially among healing professionals.

New tools for healers

Many healing professionals are drawn to the ideas embodied by Life Process Transformation because they want to find new transformational practices for working with clients and patients. As they go through the Process, however, they quickly discover it has the power to change not only how they work, but also how they live.

That is because Life Process Transformation always begins with your self. You discover that the more you participate in your own inner work, the more you cultivate presence, intuition, insight, compassion, and resiliency.

A ripple effect

As you work through Life Process Transformation, you develop your gifts and feel inspired to contribute in a way that is uniquely your own. You always have more to bring to others if you take care of yourself first. But something else happens, too, as you deepen your experience of Life Process Transformation. Many professionals find they are drawn to seek out collaboration with other like-minded colleagues. It is as though, having connected to the power of their inner self, they recognize the great potential that arises from unifying around a shared vision of transformation—both for one's own life and for our world. For some the shift is so profound, they seek to become a Life Process Transformation therapist or educator themselves. To learn more about incorporating Life Process Transformation in your life, work, or organization, please contact me directly.

Program options

Life Process Transformation includes 16 modules and includes a workbook or study guide. You will be guided through the teachings at your pace and there are exercises for inner exploration and developing awareness. A range of options are offered to meet your interests and needs:

  • Small groups meet once a week for about four months in an atmosphere of positive sharing, support, and confidentiality. There is individualized follow-up.
  • One-on-one sessions in person are scheduled weekly for four to six months, with each session lasting 1 to 1½ hours.
  • One-on-one sessions by telephone or Skype can also be arranged, regardless of where you live. However, it's helpful to meet in person before we transition to telephone.
  • On-going study groups and peer support groups are offered to provide further opportunities to participate in personal growth and explore social responsibility.